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How do you Measure Capitol Hill Influence? – as seen in AssociationTRENDS

72,000 associations, over 4,000 Political Action Committees (PACs), and nearly 17,000 individuals vie for time and attention of Members of Congress and their staff to educate, persuade and influence Capitol Hill. And that doesn’t include all the law firms and PR agencies whose staffs walk the corridors of power.
So when we spend our association [...]

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Why Come to this Website? Read on…

Helping to positively impact America

That’s the vision.
There are over 2 billion websites to choose from and blogs are growing worldwide at an estimated rate of 200,000 per day (126 million as of January 2010 according to BlogPulse).  That’s a lot of choice.
So, what will this website and blog focus on?
Leadership:  Leaders are needed in [...]

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