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Make it simple for Congress to find your legislative priorities

Make it simple for Congress to find your legislative priorities
By DAVID REHR, PHD | 05/17/2012
Competition has never been more fierce for the time and attention of members of Congress and their staffs. Trade association government relations staffs face increased competition from other organizations, coalitions, public relations firms, nonprofit advocacy groups and lobbying firms. To be [...]

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Gret Ready Now for the 113th Congress

Get ready now for 113th Congress
By DAVID REHR, PHD 03/22/2012
There are more than nine months left of this session of Congress. There’s still a lot to do and our government relations people need to stay fully engaged advocating on behalf of our membership.
But it is also not too early to begin thinking about the 113th [...]

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Your Job is to Create a Great Board of Directors!

The 72,000 trade associations all have one thing in common – the CEO and the association staff all ultimately report (and work for) a board of directors.
Let’s face it. As CEOs, we have all worked for great boards, with capable and successful individuals who passionately care about the association, its membership, and the industry the [...]

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The Secret to Membership Success is no secret – good communications

We can never communicate too much with our association members. But the communications must be interesting and exceptional. Anything less wastes their valuable time and erodes their perception of the association.
So how can we, as CEOs, going forward this year remind our memberships of the great jobs we do for them, the value in their [...]

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7 Business Reminders from Iowa and New Hampshire

Some of us in business see politics as a problem or hindrance to our entrepreneurial success. Others of us donate money to political candidates or enjoy watching the verbal sparring of the debates. Still, others of us in business just wish all the squabbling would end and our nation’s fiscal house were put [...]

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