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The Secret to Membership Success is no secret – good communications

We can never communicate too much with our association members. But the communications must be interesting and exceptional. Anything less wastes their valuable time and erodes their perception of the association.
So how can we, as CEOs, going forward this year remind our memberships of the great jobs we do for them, the value in their [...]

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President Obama to Paul Volcker “no VAT during my Administration”

President Obama has a great opportunity to decrease the hostile tone of his ardent critics who accuse him of being a “leftist” and his policies leading America to “socialism” by rebuking the call by Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman, and leading Obama economic policy advisor, Paul Volcker that a Value Added Tax (VAT) may be [...]

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Rehr joins GWU GSPM as Media Commentator

Rehr Jumps Into The Scene

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Why Come to this Website? Read on…

Helping to positively impact America

That’s the vision.
There are over 2 billion websites to choose from and blogs are growing worldwide at an estimated rate of 200,000 per day (126 million as of January 2010 according to BlogPulse).  That’s a lot of choice.
So, what will this website and blog focus on?
Leadership:  Leaders are needed in [...]

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Leadership: The Word Becomes An Action

These days literally everyone talks and writes about “leadership.”  What is real leadership?  Who has leadership?  Why leadership matters to business?  Why leadership is important?  If you Google leadership, you get 80,500,000 references.  If you search for leadership books to read at notable booksellers like Barnes and Noble (they have 21,625 books relating to leadership) [...]

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